Thursday, June 21, 2007

Well, I can honestly say that my day sucked!! I haven't been out of the house all week and it's starting to really bug me. Ashleigh was sick the first half of the week and last night Lauren came down with a vomitting bug! She vomitted all night last night and she has been vomitting all day today! She has been absolutely miserable. I have NEVER seen her this miserable. Everytime I got up to go to the toilet or do some washing (I had about 10 towels worth of vomit to clean) she would burst out crying and follow me. I have just put her to bed because I couldn't take anymore of her crying ..... oops I spoke too soon, she just started crying!! I'll leave her a while and see if she stops. Fingers crossed!!

I just hope we both get a half decent night's sleep because I'm so exhausted.

Aaron's in Melbourne too so I've had no reprieve.

Aaron and I are going out for dinner tomorrow night at China Town and I CAN'T WAIT!!

Anyway, I'd better go get her it sounds like she's going to vomit again.


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Rain, Rain and More Rain!

That just about says it all!! Like the saying goes "When it rains, it pours". Well that's certainly the case these days. I must admit I do like the rain and the cold weather. It makes me feel alive!!

Didn't do much today. Ash was home sick again today. Really not well. She had a temperature of 39 degrees again and stayed on the lounge most of the day. Hopefully she'll get better soon!

The cat decided to vomit on the carpet today! We have tiles as far as the eye can see and he decided to throw up on the carpet!! Stupid, ruddy animal! Just what I needed when I had a sick kid and a throbbing headache!!

Funny thing happened tonight. I got a phone call from this guy who had rung the wrong number. Guess what his name was? John Bailey!! I laughed and told him that I had an Uncle John Bailey - he didn't see the irony. I think he thought I was a bit crazy when I explained that I had an uncle by the same name! I don't think he really cared to be honest. Oh well.

Tried to take some photos of the girls today. Lauren was OK with it but poor Ash really wasn't in the mood but she still managed a smile. The poor thing!

Thanks for the t-shirts Grandma Stanley!!

And thanks for the present Aunty Mandy and Jared (I mean Richard). Ash loves the MLP and the photo album etc. Thanks so much.

I can hear the rain pouring down - I hope Aaron drives home safely tonight!

Better run! Night ya'll.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Just an Observation ....

Today when we got home from Ikea I sat down in front of TV to relax. I had only just sat down when Lauren comes up to me repeating "Mum ...... Mum ...... Mum ....." I tried ignoring it thinking she'd give up and go away but that only made things worse and made me more frustrated. Then Ash comes up and starts playing with her toys right at my feet talking incessantly.

So then I tried moving to the kitchen to start cooking dinner then they BOTH followed me into the kitchen and just followed me around .... not doing anything in particular, just getting under my feet. As if I wasn't sick of them by my side enough!

Then Aaron took over dinner so I tiptoed to the spare bedroom to do some ironing. Not 2 minutes later Ashleigh had sniffed me out and decided to call Lauren in to play on the bed while I ironed. They screamed and carried on. THERE IS NO ESCAPE!!!

Then I got to thinking, I wonder if there is EVER going to be a time when I actually miss having them around?? It's a little hard to imagine right now because I'd give anything to have a weekend alone with Aaron without the kids hanging around.

Does that sound selfish??? I just really miss the peace and quiet and just being able to do whatever I want - BY MYSELF!!! No shadows following me to the toilet. No faces at the shower door waiting for me to get out!!

Seriously, I really wonder if there will ever be a time that I long to have these times back - to have them under my feet? Hmmmmm......

Friday, June 15, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy ...

Today is the first day in AGES that I have spent the whole day at home. I can't remember the last time I was at home all day!! It's actually quite nice. I've caught up on housework (well nearly, there's always the ironing that gets left until last) and I've already planned dinner!!

We found out a couple of days ago that the owner wants to sell the house so we may need to move. The good thing is we've got until November before we move. Bit of a bummer though - just when I start to get settled we have to move!

Aaron's been working really long hours lately so he has just fallen asleep - at 6.30pm!! It'll be interesting to see if he sleeps right through!

I walked into our bedroom the other day - the girls were watching tv and I found them having a tender moment.
Lucky the camera was nearby!
Lauren discovered she can pull funny faces.

Now she does it all the time!

Not much planned for the weekend. It's supposed to be raining so we may just have a quiet one at home!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Growing Up Too Fast!

Six years ago today a little girl was born and it changed our lives forever - for the better. She came into the world quietly (she makes up for it now) and without too much fuss. She was born 6 days early at 6am and today she's 6!! How time flies!

Ashleigh celebrated with some friends from school. It was a really lovely party.

We made fairy wands:

Ate some lunch:

and played some games:

We said a little prayer last night that the rain would stop for her party and we were blessed with no rain and even sunshine!!

Now we're just waiting for the family to come over for dinner and to have another little party! Two parties in one day - she's going to sleep well tonight!

Happy Birthday Ashleigh - we hope you have a great day and we love you very much!

Thursday, June 07, 2007


Ashleigh had a school excursion to the Aquarium at Darling Harbour yesterday. She was so excited to tell me about all the animals she saw. She told me about the sharks, the penguins, the seals, the fish, the seahorses and then there was this:

"I also saw the ummmmm..... what do you call them Mum? They are green and they look at each other."

Now, I ask you, could you answer that question? I certainly couldn't. And when I couldn't answer her she got frustrated with me - like it was my fault she couldn't remember!! After a few minutes she remembered and here is what it was:


Go figure - an Aquarium and they've got lizards! I can't imagine why I couldn't guess that!!

Then there was this one about half an hour later:

"I really liked the ummmm.... what do you call them Mum? They go up and down and they're big and round."

I'm not kidding you, these were her exact descriptions. After a while she remembered:


I cracked up laughing. I just loved the descriptions she gave!!

Anyway, that's it for now. Sorry, no photos today.

Take care everyone!!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Just thought I'd post a photo I got from my cousin recently (thanks Hannah!). It's a photo of Ashleigh H (my cousin's daughter), Ashleigh B, Casey (Ashleigh H's sister) and Olivia my niece. This photo was taken at the family reunion in April - the girls are all pressed up against the side of the enclosed trampoline!

Aaron's at work today and won't be getting home until about 4am! Poor guy - I don't know how he does it!
Bye for now!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Control Freak!

Why do I find it so hard to let my kids make their own decisions sometimes? Another one of my flaws I guess.

Ashleigh went to a Build a Bear birthday party today and I really wanted to stay with her to make sure she chose a good bear - not a daggy one! How shocking is that? Yet despite my strong desire to stay I thought "No, you have to let her decide for herself - she will chose what she likes."

You should see the bear she chose! Absolutely hideous!! Maybe I should have stayed after all. But the main thing is she LOVES it!

I do this a lot and I have to pull myself back and remember that I need to let her do things her own way. She makes her bed in the morning and I go in there and well let's just say it's not the way I would do it. Despite wanting to go and do it all over I leave it and praise her for the good job she's done. I don't want her growing up thinking that what she does in life isn't good enough for me - I don't want to be one of those mothers.

Anyway, it's the weekend and Aaron's not working today - YIPEE!! Have a great weekend!!