Sunday, February 26, 2006

February 2006

Well it's been a busy month for us. Ashleigh started school for the first time and it has been a fairly smooth transition into "BIG school". She loves going to school and learning how to write and playing with all of her friends. I went to school one day last week to do canteen duty and Ashleigh loved seeing me there! It was good for me to see how Ashleigh interacts with her friends at lunchtime. She is very popular - she amused all her friends with her fun and games. Her teacher says she had trouble finishing tasks at first but she is improving dramatically. Her teacher says she is a very happy girl at school and very friendly.

Another milestone for Ashleigh this month is she learnt how to swim on her own. She no longer needs floaties or arm bands and really loves swimming. Unfortunately Lauren is the complete opposite - she hates the water and screams everytime we try to put her in. Maybe next year she'll enjoy it!?

Speaking of Lauren .... she finally started walking! We have been taking her to an occupational therapist once a week and she started walking a week before her 2nd Birthday! She is still a little unsteady on her feet but she is getting there - she just needs to build her confidence in walking. She had a lovely birthday this year and enjoyed eating her chocolate cake.

Aaron has been keeping busy with work. He has about 3 jobs on the go at the moment and is working very hard. Recently he did a job for Defence Housing building pergolas. It was hard work but he enjoyed it!

Yesterday Aaron went deep sea fishing with some mates and caught 5 fish. He was one of the few that actually caught some fish - the other's were too busy throwing up over the side of the boat. He can't wait until his next trip - unfortunately for some of his other mates it was the first and last time they go fishing! Aaron put up a cover on our back pation area so now the girls have somewhere to play outside away from the sun!

It's great having Belinda and Abel and Flynn over here in Oz too! They are living not far from us (about 15 minute drive). We can't wait until Belinda has baby number two - with any luck it will be a girl so we can hand on all of our pink clothes to her!! It might look a bit funny putting a pink dress on a boy!

As for me - I'm really enjoying being at home with just Lauren during the day now. We get to spend quality time together every day and unlike Ashleigh, Lauren doesn't miss Ashleigh during the day at all. She actually gets excited when we drop Ashleigh off at school. Cheeky thing!