Wednesday, January 30, 2008

One More!

Sneak Peak!

Well, we got home late last night from our trip to New Zealand and we're all feeling a bit tired today. Ash is at school and Lauren is at pre-school and I'm at home catching up on housework.

I don't have time to blog a full account of our trip just yet (so much to do, so little time) but for those of you who can't wait (including me), here is a sneak peak of THE WEDDING!!

Amanda looked STUNNING and they looked so happy! Brought back memories of our Happy Day!

Lauren and Ashleigh did a fantastic job as flower girls - everyone commented on how well behaved they were and how "absolutely gorgeous" they looked. Of course!!!!


It was all a bit much for them when they were signing the marriage certificate so they decided to sit down for that part!!

They got to walk Wicket and Ruby down the aisle with them. Actually, I think it was more like Wicket and Ruby walked Ash and Lauren down the aisle!!!

Watch this space ..... there's more to come in the days ahead!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Passports ...... Check!

Tomorrow we're off to New Zealand and we are all very excited!

We're pretty much packed already - just got the last minute things to pack that we can't pack until tomorrow.

It's going to be an early start as our flight leaves at 10.15am so we need to leave home around 6.30am - so that means a 5.30am wake up!! Ouch!

I won't be blogging for a while but I'll fill you all in on our return!

Take care!!

By the way, I had a couple of queries about what a 72 hour kit is on my last entry. A 72 hour kit is a bag (usually a backpack) you pack for an emergency evacuation - in case of flood, fire, devastation etc. So if you have to evacuate in a hurry you can just grab your 72 hour kit and survive for 3 days with what's inside, ie. food, water, torch, radio, waterproof matches - basic survival equipment. Let's hope we never have to use it. It's great to have just in case.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Our lives seem to have been so busy these last few weeks. There hasn't been a day go by that we haven't had something to do.

We finally booked our tickets to New Zealand! YAY!!! We leave on Tuesday, 15th Jan and get back on the 29th of Jan so it's a nice long break! I'm really looking forward to it. Thanks Aunty Mandy!!!

The girls are really excited about being flower girls for Aunty Mandy and Uncle Richard. I hope they behave themselves on the day. I keep having nightmares that they will push each other down the aisle and trip each other up. If they do I'll have the video camera handy and capture it all on video for posterity!

We started to get some items for our 72 hour kits! At long last! It's still far from being finished but at least we started. I hope to have them finished when we get back home!

To keep Ashleigh amused yesterday I bought her 2 canvases and let her paint her own canvases for her bedroom. Here is the finished product - simple but effective!

We are loving the new pool Aaron bought the girls for Christmas last year. It's great to sit in and relax - or splash around in if the girls are in there!

Lauren decided to go up to Aaron the other day and give him a big hug in her fairy wings of course!

Well that's about it for now. Only 5 more sleeps until we go to New Zealand!!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Random Photos

Here are some random photos of the girls.

The girls in their Christmas present from Aunty Mandy.

Lauren feeding baby Sophie. She absolutely adores Sophie!!

Ash and Olivia enjoying some pizza!

Happy Christmas/New Year!

Well I managed to survive a Christmas without a camera this year!

Ashleigh dropped our digital camera the week before Christmas so we were unable to take photos. I wasn't very happy about that but moreso I wasn't happy about the price tag that would come with having our camera repaired!

Last week I took our broken camera in to the guys at Domayne and they told me it would cost about $180 to get it fixed and it would only cost $98 to get a brand new camera! Our current camera is only 3.5 megapixels and the new one was 6 megapixels. It's a shame I didn't enquire about it before Christmas!!

I raced over to tell Aaron the "good news" and with that he grabbed our broken camera off me and jiggled it around a little bit and *wuhluh* he managed to fix it. My face went from extreme excitement at the prospect of getting a new camera to major disappointment about fixing our broken one! For those of you who know Aaron you know that he will do anything to get out of spending money!

But having said that, our old one is still really good and it has never given us any trouble so I'm happy with it for the time being. Maybe I'll get a new camera for my birthday!?!?!!

Our Christmas was nice this year. We had Christmas Eve dinner at our house this year with Jodie and Greg and the kids and Nathan.

Christmas Day we were woken at 6.15 am by a very excited Ashleigh tugging at our doona screaming about how many presents Santa left for her!! We told her it was still a bit early and that Lauren was still asleep so we told her to go back to her room and rest until Lauren woke up.

Amazingly Lauren woke up only 10 minutes later (with a lot of poking and prodding from her older sister I'm sure). So we reluctantly got out of bed and started opening presents. The girls were very happy with their gifts this year. Thank you to everyone for your gifts. The girls loved all of them.

The rest of the day was spent at Mum and Dad's. This is always an enjoyable day but I was very tired. I fell asleep on the lounge about 3pm. We stayed at Mum and Dad's all day - the kids swam, we watched DVDs and had a lovely roast lunch. At about 4pm the rest of the family arrived and we started opening gifts. It was lots of fun!!

Sorry I don't have any photos to post of this exciting day. I hope you all had a great Christmas!

Our New Year's was REALLY good this year! We went into Deb and Trev's apartment in the city and watched the fireworks! What a fantastic to bring in the New Year!!! It was awesome! Something I'd like to do again!

Here's a photo of Deb and I on New Years Eve.

Here's a photo of the girls with their cousin Olivia on New Years Day!