Tuesday, February 21, 2012

School 2012

The girls went back to school this year pretty much without a hitch!

Of course, Lauren was upset about returning to school - she'd much rather be home with Mummy.
I had the same problem with Ashleigh - in fact, Ash was still crying when I dropped her to school throughout Year 2 so hopefully this will be the last year of tears - fingers crossed!

I was a little disorganised this year so I didn't get around to taking a photo of them until their 2nd week back at school.  And of course they had to clown around!!

We were lucky to have had a visit from Poppy Brown last week.  It was lovely having him stay with us and spending time with the girls.

Lauren Turns 8!

On Saturday our baby turned 8.
I can't believe it!
How time flies.
We will be getting her baptised on 3rd March (hopefully).
She was a little apprehensive about getting baptised in the lead up to her 8th birthday so our bishop suggested we have a "wet run" for her.  So last weekend they filled the font and she went dressed in her swimmers to do a practice run.  They had the font filled for another little boy in Lauren's class, Levi McCormack as he is very sick and has only been given a few weeks to live but he really wanted to get baptised (his birthday is the day before Lauren's) but they had to do a practice run for him as he is very frail.
Lauren did so well.  In fact, she enjoyed it and now can't wait to get baptised!
After the practice she didn't walk back to the stairs to get out - she swam!  I hope she doesn't do that on the day - dressed in her white dress and all!

We got some photos taken of Lauren in her baptism dress as a momento of the day.
Here are some of the photos:

We had the family over for lunch on Saturday for her birthday and she had such a good time.
She loves it when the family gets together!  Here are some photos:

Of course she had to taste the icing to see if it was OK!!

Happy Birthday my little angel!

Tuesday, February 07, 2012


A couple of weeks ago we decided to take some time off our usual busy life and go down to Gerringong for the weekend.  A weekend is never long enough, but we managed to enjoy ourselves regardless.

We stayed with friends who have a family holiday home there!  It's a massive house that sleeps around 10 people so there was plenty of room for everyone!

It was great catching up with friends and discussing everything from life to politics and spiritual experiences we've had over the years!  We're so lucky to have such great friends!  The only problem is we've had about 4 different couples say to us "we need to go organise a weekend away" and we can barely get time to do this on our own let alone with everyone else!  It's nice to be loved!  :)

Here are some photos of our weekend away:

The drive down to Gerringong - such a pretty view!

Walking down to the beach:

One of the many rock pools at the beach!  They are full of fish and crabs!

Pelicans sunning themselves

And of course, no trip to Gerringong is complete without a visit to my favourite shop in Berry: