Friday, November 25, 2011

What a Blessing ...

I was driving the girls home from school this afternoon and I went over Ashleigh's line for the Primary Presentation with her which is "The Priesthood is the power of God.  I am blessed by this power when my Father gives me a blessing when I am sick". 

I then took the opportunity to explain to her what this means.
And then at the end I said "That's what happens when Daddy gives you a blessing"

Then a little voice from the back seat said "or Poppy". 
Lauren had obviously remembered when she was really sick with a vomiting bug last year her "Poppy" had come over to give her a blessing as Aaron was away. 

I think of how lucky my kids are to have experienced getting a blessing from their poppy. 
I never had that experience and I am so happy that they got to experience it.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

I've Never Been Down This Road Before...

We've been so busy the last few weeks.
Ashleigh had her dance school concert last week and it has been weeks of extra rehearsals so we didn't seem to have any spare time up our sleeves.
We can all breathe a sigh of relief now as her classes are finished for the year!
Here's a photo of Ash in her acrobatics outfit striking the pose she had to hold at the end of her performance.

She did so well despite her injuries!
Yes, our little Ash has a tendancy to attract bad luck at the worst possible time!
First, she lost her front tooth the day before Aunty Mandy's wedding and she was flower girl so I had to tell her to smile with her mouth shut!
And then at her rehearsals (the day before the concert) she broke her toe.
She was determined to do her part anyway and didn't want to let her team down so she went on stage and performed to the best she could!
She only started halfway through the year so she was 6 months behind the rest of the girls in her class but she did so well and we were so proud of her going on stage - she was so nervous!
Unfortunately her toe was trodden on a couple of times (backstage) before she went on stage so she was in quite a bit of pain and was unable to do her cartwheels as well as she would have liked.

Both the girls have their school end of year performance in a couple of weeks.
Last year Lauren danced in two dances - one for her class (the support unit) and another with the main stream class she was integrated with.
She absolutely loved being up there on stage!  She was a natural!

Aaron's been working long hours lately.  He seems to enjoy the challenge of his new job.  Everyone seems to love him there (as usual).  He's on a bit of a health kick - exercising more and watching what he eats.  He has lost a few kilos in the process which is great.

And me, I've been busy working 4 days a week from home.  I work school hours (at least I'm supposed to) which is good.  My bosses go away for two months on Wednesday so it's going to be a lot quieter and I can't wait!!

Today, on the way home from church, we had to pull into a side street as we realised Lauren's car door was open so we needed to pull into a quiet street so she could open her door and close it  properly.  Ashleigh said "I've never been down this street before" and then Lauren said "Yes you have, you just did".  Duh!

Anyway, here are some photos I took of the girls today.  They are looking so grown up now.