Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"Close your mouth"

Our computer is playing up so I can't post any photos at the moment so please be patient.

The girls had their athletics carnival yesterday.
Ashleigh has been practicing her running for weeks.
She desperately wanted to get a ribbon this year!
When it was time for the race she started off really well - she was actually coming 4th (which qualifies for a ribbon) but then when she saw the finish line she slowed right down and another girl whizzed in front of her.
The silly thing is Ashleigh talked that girl into running because she wasn't going to run in the race! If Ash hadn't talked her into it she would have gotten a ribbon! Oh, the irony!
Anyway, I had to have a little talk to her and explain that when you see the finish line you don't slow down YOU SPEED UP!!
Maybe next year ....

As for Lauren - bless her, she stumbled her way through every event and gave it all she had.
And she had an absolute blast doing it - even when she was coming 2nd to last!!
That's what I love about that kid!
She has taught us all so much!

And to finish up, this is a conversation we had in the car on the way to school this morning:

Ash: "Pong, did somebody do a pop off?" (meaning a fart)
Me: "No, I can't smell anything"
Ash: "Did you do it Lauren?"
Lauren: "No, it wasn't me."
Ash: "Then it must be coming from the cows outside" (we have a hobby farm near us)
Lauren: "Er, close your mouth. Keep it closed cos it stinks!"

Hilarious!! Out of the mouths of babes!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Why Do They Call It A Sleep Over?

This year we decided to throw Ashleigh a sleep over party for her 9th birthday!
She has been begging me for years to have a sleep over party and this year I thought she was responsible and old enough to have one! Hmmmm, that was a bad assumption!
I've never had so many excited, screaming 9 year old girls in one place at one time!
Let's just say it was very noisy in our house that night!

I went a little crazy on the decorations!

I wrapped chuppa chups with tissue paper and ribbon (as you do).
I stuck prizes in organza bags and hung them on my "easter tree".
I made flowers out of tissue paper to stick on the walls and had waaaay too many lollies:

I also made up a couple of guessing competitions:

And we had some craft - making necklaces!

I also made some flags to hang from the roof (see photo below).

They all seemed to have such a good time!
But having said that, I won't be having another sleep over party for a very long time (if ever)!
At least not with 7 girls! Maybe 4?!?
Surprisingly they were all asleep by 10.45pm.
I think they were exhausted from all the dancing they did at the disco!

Here are some photos from the night!

From back:
Ash, Lauren A, Abbey, Charlotte
Lauren B, Jamison, Brooke K, Brooke M, Lucy and Alyssa

And this is the sleep over group!
Yep, we squeezed this many girls in to one room!

And finally, this is the best part - all the girls crashed out!!

Here is a photo of Ash's cards - she wanted me to take this photo!

All I can say is, I'm so glad it's over!!