Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Lauren and Flynn

Lauren has a friend today, her cousin Flynn! She quite likes having a little friend to play with and to sit and watch tv with as you can see in the photo below! Cute!! It's good because Flynn leaves her alone, whereas Ashleigh doesn't leave her alone for one second so it works well! We hope Jake gets better soon and is out of hospital soon. Poor little thing! Mum and Dad are still away - they have been sick with a bug - poor buggers! What makes it worse is they are on a bus tour so it makes it very difficult. Anyway, must away! Take care everyone!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

First Cross Country

Here are some photos of Ashleigh's very first cross country. She did a great job - running most of the way. We're so proud of her! As you can see in some of the photos she was very hot afterwards! The two girls she is photographed with are two of three triplets in year 6. She just loves Natalie (girl on left). She was assigned as Ashleigh's buddy at the beginning of the year.

Here are some photos of Lauren - she used to refuse to wear hats before but now she puts them on voluntarily. Same with shoes - we could never get her to wear them and now she begs us to put them on her all the time! Go figure! Everything is done at her own pace that's for sure!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Cross-eyed Kid!

Well Mum and Dad flew to Los Angeles today. I hope they have a great trip! I've heard the Alaska cruise is mind blowing so I'm sure they will enjoy themselves.

Ashleigh goes on her very first excursion tomorrow to Fairfield City Farm. She's really looking forward to it - I think she's looking forward to the bus trip more than anything!

It's a day of firsts tomorrow - I've got my very first candle party and I'm really looking forward to it! I'm so pumped! I'll let you all know how it goes!

I'm going to a scrapbooking night tomorrow with the church gals and although I'm not scrapbooking much anymore I'm not going to miss out on the opportunity of having free reign of Fantasia! I love that shop and the owner has lent it to us for the night. I'm going to get some photos printed tomorrow so I have something to work with. Michelle's also going to be giving us a lesson on the colour wheel and how to decorate your home which should be good!

Lauren is doing well. She's on anti-biotics again and her coughing fits have pretty much stopped which is good. She is such a character I tell ya. She makes me laugh all the time! Some of the things she does it's hilarious! Tonight Ashleigh was getting in trouble for not eating her dinner and Lauren starts pointing her finger at Ash and babbling some nonsense as if she was telling her off also. I have put on some photos of Lauren doing her cross-eyed face! She's hilarious - she'll be trying to get your attention and if you don't look at her she'll start going cross-eyed (even if you're not looking at her) until you notice what she's doing!

Hope you all have a great week!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Ashleigh's Winter Uniform

Today was the first day Ashleigh wore her winter uniform! I think it's a gorgeous uniform - very smart! There has been a delay in getting the winter uniforms but we finally got them! Ashleigh loves it too which is good! What do you all think? Does she look cute or what?!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me ....!

I have to say I had a great birthday yesterday! It started off slow. I just did the usual - get Ashleigh ready for school and then I came home. Aaron had the day off so we went shopping! I got a new stainless steel kettle, sounds boring but I absolutely love it! I have wanted a new kettle for ages and have been admiring the stainless steel ones in particular! I got some new clothes, some lovely gifts from friends dropped at the front door - thanks guys - and some new cushions for our lounge room - again sounds boring but I love them! I went to lunch with Mum and Sam and then went out to dinner to my fave restaurant in Epping and then went a movie - MI-3 and loved it (as much as I hate Tom Cruise I loved the movie!)

Today I was busy with Ashleigh's Open Day at school. I went in and did a tour of her classroom and checked out all the hard work she has been doing this year and sat and had lunch with her which she absolutely loved!

I have two parties to do next week which I'm really excited about and then I have another one the week after that and another the week after that. I am slowly getting more and more parties which is great!

I'm loving this cooler weather. It's nice to snuggle up at night and dress warmly. Lauren is still sick though - really bad cough that just isn't going away! I can't believe how sick she's been lately, poor thing!

I got this month's Better Homes and Gardens and am going to try to crochet an afghan rug. It's worth a shot! I've always wanted to learn how to crochet - now that I'm another year older I'd better start to learn how to do these things so I won't be a bored old granny! hehehe!

Anyway, I'm off to bed now! Goodnight!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to everyone out there!! I hope you were pampered as much as I was! I practically didn't have to lift a finger the whole day! Aaron certainly outdid himself this year! I got some lovely gifts from the girls. Ashleigh hand picked a lavender hand cream for me from the school stall (does she know me well or what!).

Tomorrow I turn 31! How old do I feel!! Turning 30 was alright - it was kinda fun, I felt likeI was finally an adult but 31 seems so much older! Oh well, you're only as old as you feel right!?!?

Anyway, I'd better run. Got lots to do today! I'll leave you with a photo of Lauren and her baby cousin Jake!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

New Pics!

Wow .... what a week! I've been flat out this past week! Lauren's been sick so I have had to catch up on housework now that she is getting better, I've been doing up flyers for the Salt City Candles thing, setting up parties, organising all my paperwork, going to P&C meetings, typing up minutes for P&C, preparing lessons for nursery! The list goes on!

I tell you, I'm loving the candles! They smell fantastic and they make the house so cosy!

I have attached some photos of the girls - the ones Sally took for me. We're going to take some more of the girls later in the day so that the sun isn't shining in their eyes. Hope you like them.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Weekly Update!

This past week has been so busy. Ashleigh is back at school and loving it and I am now officially a Salt City Candle demonstrator. I have 3 parties booked already and hope to have many more booked by the end of the month.

Unfortunately Lauren is sick AGAIN! She can't take a trick poor kid! To be honest I don't think she ever really got over her last cold. She has been up all through the night. One night I woke up to her crying in her cot and when I went in to get her she was covered in vomit! It was a long night let me tell you. Any prayers you can offer her are greatly appreciated!

Aaron is away again. He is on the Gold Coast this time. He drives up to Brisbane this afternoon and will be home tomorrow afternoon. It will be good to have him home. Poor Ashleigh keeps crying saying she misses him. This morning she was on the trampoline with Lauren and I heard her crying out "Daddy ..... Daddy". When I went out there I realised she was talking to an aeroplane flying in the sky. I keep telling her that Daddy has gone on an aeroplane.

I don't really have any photos this time. I haven't had time to take any. As soon as I get some I'll put them in!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

What a Classic!

I have to put this into my blog, it's so funny.

A couple of days ago we were sitting down watching tv and that ad came on tv where the little girl is in the car with her Mum and she says "he's a bloody idiot" - you all know the one I'm talking about! Anyway, Ashleigh turned to me with her mouth open wide and said "she said a bad word Mummy!", to which I replied, "yes she did, she's naughty". Ashleigh then said "yeah, you're not allowed to say idiot!". I burst out laughing, Ashleigh had no idea what was so funny!

What a classic!

First and Last Day at Day Care!

Poor little Lauren ...... I thought I'd try sending her to Day Care as per the advice of her doctor and Aaron. They thought it would be good for her development to go to day care and to interact with other kids her age so I went along with it (even though I didn't feel 100% right about it). Luckily her first day they had a baby animal farm at the centre so when I left her she was happily patting all the baby animals. Later on when I rang they said she was a bit upset but she was settling down (I knew she probably wasn't - they were probably telling me that so I wouldn't worry). Half an hour later when I rang again they said it would probably be a good idea if I came to pick her up as she wasn't settling. So I drove over there at a million miles an hour (not far off!) and when I got there she had her head resting on her arms on her pillow and she was sobbing. It is an image I won't forget for a while. I felt so sorry for her. When she saw me she burst out crying, screaming in fact. She was sooooo upset. I'm surprised I didn't start balling myself! I did have a lump in my throat though I must admit! Anyway, we have given up on that idea - she won't be going back. She just isn't emotionally ready just yet - or me for that matter! We might try again in a year or two. It's still 3 years until she goes to school anyway so we have got plenty of time for that.

Aaron flies back home today ... yippee! He had to stay an extra day because they needed him. It'll be good to have him home!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Baby Jake!

Here is a photo of me with the newest member of our extended family - my nephew Jake! He is so cute!

Last Day of Holidays!!

Well, we managed to survive our first round of school holidays! We've had a great couple of weeks but I must say it'll be good to get back into a routine! I've got a pretty busy week this week and for the next few weeks actually so it is good Ashleigh will be back at school.

Aaron is working hard in Brisbane! He had a very early morning this morning and has been working hard all day. Ashleigh loved being able to sleep in our bed last night while Aaron's away! I can't believe how much she talks in her sleep - sheesh!

Latest News ... I have become a consultant for Salt City Candles (you can click on the link to the right to have a look). Actually, I don't "officially" become a consultant until Wednesday this week when I get the "hand-over" and formal training. I am really excited about this new venture and hope that it will be a success!

I have been painting a lot lately. I really enjoy painting. I have given up on the scrapbooking thing - it was good while it lasted but not something I can see myself doing for years - it's too expensive plus I just don't seem to get the time. Here are some photos of my paintings.

This one is for Aunty Mandy! Ashleigh loves the little dolls you bought for her and puts them on her bed every morning!