Monday, May 09, 2011

Where Have I Been!?!??

So much has been happening lately.
I've neglected this blog ..... again.

So here's what's new:

We have a new addition to our family:

Her name is Coco and she's just adorable.
Ash is such a good Mum to our 'baby'.

Here she is "chillaxing" on the carpet!

Lauren adores her also! Look at the joy in her face!
Her favourite part are the ears - they're sooooo soft!

Don't tell anyone but I think I love her as much as Ash and Lauren!

She's so cuddly! And such an easy pet to have. She doesn't make any noise, I can lock her in her cage when I want to go out. Her poos are teeny tiny! AND she's kitty litter trained! Brilliant!

For the first time EVER we went away for the Easter weekend and had the best time.
We went to Port Stephens with friends of ours Steve and Ruby.

This is a photo of Birubi Beach. It's absolutely gorgeous. Beach as far as the eye an see!

This photo was taken at the Lighthouse in Port Stephens. Amazing view!

The girls got to drive around the golf buggy!
We stayed with Steve's parents who live in a resort on a golf course.

Their backyard has this gorgeous lake alongside it! It's so peaceful.

And of course we went dolphin watching while we were there!
The weather was perfect - sunshine and warm weather the entire weekend.
So visibility was great! And there were about 3 pods of dolphins there that day!

Here's is a photo of Ashleigh and Steve and Ruby on the back of the boat.
Ash is holding on for dear life - in fear that she will fall off the side and become shark bait!

So we've been busy having lots of fun!
Aaron loves his new job and I'm enjoying being a stay at home mum at the moment!