Saturday, June 16, 2012

Ash's B'Day

This week Ash turned 11.  I can't believe it!
She got: a SIM card for her iPhone (pre-paid of course), a necklace with Eiffel Tower pendant, Thomas Sabo bracelet (imitation from Thailand), some more Littlest Pets and underwear.
As you can see by her gifts of choice, she is slowly outgrowing toys.  The highlight was the SIM card for her phone.  I got a $15 credit for her so hopefully she will be responsible and not waste it.
She had a quiet birthday this year.  We had the family over for a BBQ lunch as her birthday fell on a Saturday this year.  It has been raining constantly so I was a little worried it would be raining on her birthday AGAIN!  It rains every year on her birthday!  BUT, this year it was brilliant sunshine!  It was a gorgeous day so we were lucky.  As usual, her birthday landed on the Queens Birthday long weekend so it was extra nice for her!

 She went to her first out of school disco this week.  The dance studio she attends had their yearly disco and she was so excited.  She is growing up so fast. I sent her off with her own mobile phone to call me if there was an emergency. 

We are currently dog sitting a chihuahua (Midget).  She's a gorgeous little thing - a little bit skiddish but only around strangers, kids and other dogs.  She has really become part of our family - we will miss her when it's time for her to go but the girls are well aware that we have to give her back.  The hard thing is we're dogsitting for 6 months which is a really long time - plenty long enough for us to become attached but we'll cross that bridge when it comes!  Here she is fast asleep on my lap:

Aaron's away on a fishing trip this weekend.  He's gone for 4 days - out in the middle of the ocean on really choppy seas!  Glad it's him and not me!  He left on Thursday night and I only just got an email from him today (Saturday).  He hasn't had much mobile phone coverage out in the middle of the ocean (understandable).  He said that the other guys have been "feeding the fish" over the side of the boat!  I'm not surprised I would be too!  I get incredibly sea sick!  Not my cup of tea but he's having a blast!  He said that he can just see land wayyyy off in the distance!  I swear it's his imagination, I can't see anything. 

The girls and I took a drive to Wollongong (in the rain) to visit with Deb and Trev.  One of their chihuahua's had puppies.  Here is Ash holding all 3 puppies:

The girls had a blast playing with these gorgeous little things!  They are so playful and cute!
They also had a Ward Carnival today so we went along to that.  It was such a great day!  The kids had a blast.  Here are some photos:

The hot dog stand and milk bar:

The Can Knockdown:

Target practice with a nerf gun:

And the ping pong ball toss: