Friday, May 21, 2010

De ... licious!

Tonight Lauren asked me what we were having for dinner.
I told her we were having sausages.

"Errr, I don't like sausages" she said.
I said: "Yes, sausages are delicious!"
She replied: "No, they're de yucky!"

So there you have it!
She's not a fan of sausages.

she managed to eat it all though!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Bit Of This And A Bit Of That ....

We have adopted a cat ...
His name is Blacky (very original)
He comes around every afternoon to play with Thomas and the girls.
Here he is with T&A and Thomas ...

I'm amazed at how well Thomas has accepted him (given he's a male!)
At first we were calling him Thomas' girlfriend but then I saw the back of him and realised he was quite obviously a boy!
He's a cute thing but the last thing we need is another mouth to feed!

The girls changed over to their winter uniforms last week.
Here they are looking smart in their uniform:

On another note ...
I've always loved the look of braids.
They seem to be the "IN" thing at the moment.
So I practiced once on one of Ashleigh's barbie dolls last week.
Then I tried on Lauren's hair....

I'm quite proud of the finished product - not bad for an amateur!
I probably should have practiced on Ash as Lauren's a bit of a screamer when it comes to hair styling!

So, I turned 35 on Sunday!
Yep, I'm now closer to 40 than 30!
Unfortunately Aaron was in Brisbane for the big day but I celebrated with family.

It's scary when birthday's become "just another day".
I never thought I'd ever feel this way.
I can remember thinking as a kid how my parents didn't get excited about birthdays.
Now I'm doing it myself!
I had a really good day though.
It's always nice getting together with family.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nanny Smell !?!?

I overheard a conversation between Ashleigh and Lauren this morning.

Here's how it went:

Lauren: "Mmmmm, my clothes smell nice and clean. Do you like it Ash?"
Ash: "No, I like the smell of the clothes at Nanny's house. Like when we leave our old clothes at Nanny's house and after they've been there a while they get that nice smell."

She's talking about moth balls people!!!
My daughter likes the smell of moth balls!!!