Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Not much goin on

Not much to report on this week.

We've had some wicked storms the last few days. We were at Hungry Jacks one night having dinner and this fierce storm came over quite suddenly. We saw some lightning hit the carpark just a few metres away. It was amazing!

We've had a problem with Ash drawing on everything lately. She got Aaron's prized possession - his basketball and she had scribbled her name on it in permanent marker. Needless to say Aaron was not impressed.

A few days ago we woke up to find that Ash had drawn all over herself as well as the curtains and a little bit on her bedroom wall with texta. We never had this problem with her when she was a toddler - why now??!!!?!

Mum's coming along nicely. She'll be out of hospital next Monday with any luck. She had to stay in longer than anticipated but she's doing well.

Ashleigh's got her school dance on tonight so I'd better go and help her "choose an outfit". Oh the drama's associated with going out!! What a diva!!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Girl Flying Kite

I went and visited Mum today. She is doing really well. Her leg is in a heavy cast and she said it weighs a tonne but other than that she is feeling pretty good.

She has decided to go into a rehab centre for a couple of days to recover which will be good. She will be able to relax and not feel as though she has to get up and answer phones etc. We're all happy at the way she is recovering from the operation.

Below is a photo of something Ashleigh did the other day. I think it's absolutely brilliant (of course I do, I'm her mother). It is a picture of a girl that she cut out and she made a kite out of paper and stuck the girls two arms together as if she's holding the kite. I thought it was so clever for a 5 year old! I laughed out loud when she showed it to me. I thought it was really cute.

Below is a photo of Ashleigh's hair. We decided to try something different. I get tired of her pulling her hair out at school so I did it like this so that she couldn't pull it out. She wanted me to take a photo of it so she could see the back of her head.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Killer Moth!

We have a new resident at our place. It's a giant killer moth! Well, I don't know about the killer bit but it's flippin huge!

This photo doesn't do it justice really. I put my hand up so you can see how big it is. Not much smaller than my hand.

Needless to say I have been giving it plenty of room and not going too close to it for fear of it flapping it's huge wings into me. Yuck!!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Lauren's Birthday

Here are some photos from Lauren's birthday celebrations!

Can you believe she's 3??? I can't!!

This last photo was taken at the end of the night. She was a bit over it by then! So take that!!

She had a great party with all the family and thanks to everyone who sent pressies from New Zealand! She loved the clothes and books thank you!

Monday, February 12, 2007

7 Years Ago Today ...

7 Years ago today I married my best friend and eternal companion ....

Ashleigh wished us a "Happy Wedding Birthday" this morning. Very cute!

We may not have a lot of money in the bank but we have each other!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Watch Out - Ash Might Bash U Up!

This is a conversation we had with Ashleigh the other day:

Ash: "I'm on Andrew's team at school, not Jack's"
Me: "Oh, what do you mean - his sports team?"
Ash: "No .... his team to bash people up!"


She cracks me up every day!! She comes out with the funniest things!

How's this for Murphy's Law. It just took me about 15 minutes to hang out a FULL load of washing on the line - it was brilliant sunshine. Now (10 minutes later) I look out the window and there are HUGE BLACK clouds heading our way. This seems to happen to me a lot!!

Not much is going on at the moment. I'm on canteen duty tomorrow so Ashleigh's very excited. Ash LOVES her new teacher this year. Miss Aqueliera is such a lovely gal! She's only young which is great.

Lauren is missing Ashleigh but enjoying having me all to herself during the day (the day's I'm not working). She is starting to talk more and more. She loves telling people off. Her favourite words are:

Don't touch!
You Move!

I can't believe she's going to be 3 next week! Time has just flown! She is having a Peppa Pig Birthday Party with the family!

That's it for now!!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Here are some photos of the girls! Ash and Lauren mucking around on the lounge and then Lauren in the bath.

Tonight Ashleigh asked Aaron what was for dinner and he said "omlette". Horrified, she looked at him and asked "Vomit?" "YUCK". She obviously didn't hear him properly.

Work has been quite busy lately which is good. The word is getting out so we are getting quite a few sales.

Ash loves her new class at school and says goodbye and waves now - no tears.

I took Lauren to Gymbaroo this morning and she loved it! I was quite surprised at how co-ordinated she is! Very impressive!

Well, not much else to report on for now. Until next time .....