Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

Once again Christmas has snuck up on me this year!
And it doesn't even feel like Christmas!
The weather has been terrible the last few weeks leading upto Christmas.
It has been rainy and cold!  This photo was taken 23rd December:

We had one nice weekend in the second week of December and there quite a few people putting up Christmas lights on their homes but there aren't too many homes decorated this year.  I think it's because the weather has been so miserable!

We managed to get a few outdoor decorations up this year.  I accidentally put outdoor lights on our Christmas tree this year but didn't realise until the tree was completely decorated so we didn't have lights to put up in the conifer trees out the front unfortunately.  I did however manage to buy a rope light tree this year.  I LOVE it - even though Aaron and Ash don't think it matchs the lights on the gutters!

Here's this year's attempt at outdoor decorating:

We kept up the tradition of making a Christmas card tree on our wall.
I much prefer displaying the cards this way!  It doesn't look as cluttered as cards on a table.

Here are some photos of our home at Christmas:

And finally, here's a picture of Lauren's masterpiece.  
I think I'll use it as our Christmas cards next year!

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